Invisalign w/ Propel®

Invisalign w/ Propel® Orthodontics

The goal of Invisalign® is to help more patients benefit from correcting their tooth misalignment by making orthodontic treatment more comfortable and discreet. However, next to appearance, time is also one of the more prominent concerns patients have about orthodontic treatment. Traditional metal braces can take up to two years or more to achieve final results, and the need for frequent visits to the dentist can take a significant amount of time from your schedule. By contrast, the advanced Propel® Orthodontic technology Dr. Calcagno utilizes can help many patients complete Invisalign® treatment in only 12 months or less! Accelerated Invisalign® treatment with Propel® Orthodontics can cut your treatment time in half, making it significantly faster as well as more convenient.

Accelerated Invisalign® Treatment

When your teeth are being realigned, the jawbone structure and periodontal tissues that support your roots must shift and reform accordingly, to adapt to their new positions. For bone reformation to be effective, teeth must be moved at a reasonable pace; therefore, simply speeding you through orthodontic treatment will not create successful results. Propel® orthodontics uses advanced technology to stimulate bone reformation and remodeling, accelerating the process by up to 50 percent. Combining Invisalign® with Propel® technology, Dr. Calcagno can help you create the smile that you deserve quicker, more comfortably, and more discreetly than ever.

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