Invisalign w/ iTero

Invisalign w/ the iTero Scanner

Advanced 3D scanning with iTero technology is a significant part of what makes Invisalign® so successful. Unlike traditional dental impressions, there is no gooey mess to trigger your gag reflex or to clean up afterward, and no unpleasant taste to endure during the impression-making process. Unlike traditional X-rays, there is no radiation exposure; iTero utilizes laser technology to scan and generate digital images! The digital impressions can be taken quickly and the images can be produced almost immediately. During your visit, iTero will allow Dr. Abudayyeh to generate a map of your teeth and show you the final results of your treatment before you even begin!

To learn more about the advantages of Invisalign® treatment planning with iTero, download our brochure, then schedule a free consultation with Dr. Abudayyeh!


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