Is Invisalign A Good Idea For Your Teen?

If your teen shows signs of needing some form of orthodontic care, they may be hoping for treatment with Invisalign. After all, using Invisalign means relying on hard to notice clear aligners, and not metal braces, to make corrections to their smile. This can be a big relief for teens, who can be particularly worried about how they might look with braces. However, you may be unsure this is the right approach for them. Invisalign can benefit teens by making the kinds of adjustments you might assume only come from braces. They benefit from having less impact on their appearance, but this is not the only advantage. Invisalign aligners can be removed, so that it is easier for them to perform basic tasks like eating, and cleaning their teeth. (more…)

How Does Invisalign Impact Your Day-To-Day Life?

After Invisalign, you will be able to show off a smile that is no longer negatively impacted by crooked teeth. In addition to enjoying this significant cosmetic benefit, you may also find that biting, chewing, and speaking feel more comfortable. While the benefits of having undergone Invisalign treatment are clear, you may have concerns about the experience of the procedure. Will it be uncomfortable? Will they interfere with your day-to-day life? Invisalign offers patients a chance to correct alignment flaws without conspicuous braces, and without manual adjustments of appliances. These benefits can create a more comfortable experience. You can also find them easier to use because you will be able to remove them when you eat, or clean your teeth. Because they minimize any impact on your appearance, and can be removed when they are in the way, you can be pleased by your overall treatment experience. (more…)

Can Propel Offer Faster Results?

Orthodontic readjustment requires accommodation from your jawbone, and your periodontal tissue. In order to retain the results of having shifted your teeth into better alignment, an accompanying adjustment has to take place with them, too. Because of this, patients normally have to wait for a relatively slow process to take place before they have their final results. However, because your dentist can help speed up the adjustment process for your bone and soft tissue, you may be able to complete an Invisalign treatment in less time than you realize. With Propel, your dentist can safely encourage these changes in your jawbone, and improve on the time it takes for you to have a straightened smile. (more…)

Taking Digital Impressions With iTero

In the past, taking an impression of your teeth would have to involve the use of a plaster mold. Patients would bite into the mold, and would find an unpleasant taste and texture waiting for them. Advances in technology have made it possible to produce dental impressions without this mold. Thanks to iTero digital scanners, your dentist can produce a detailed, accurate impression of your teeth electronically. This information is used to craft your treatment with Invisalign. The information captured gives your dentist what they need to plan your custom treatment using this modern orthodontic appliance. (more…)

4 Common Questions About Invisalign

Have you ever heard of the Invisalign clear aligner system? A practically invisible alternative to metal braces, these can help patients of all ages enjoy a more even and healthier smile. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at a few common questions we often receive regarding this unique orthodontics treatment option.


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We often talk to patients with uneven smiles, but who assume that metal braces are the only option for enjoying a straighter smile. We’re always glad to inform them that we can actually reposition the teeth using a series of clear and barely visible aligners instead. If you would like to learn more about our aligners, then take our Invisalign® quiz today!


FAQs About Invisalign Clear Aligners

We’re proud to offer our patients access to this unique and comfortable orthodontic solution. In fact, Dr. Calcagno’s experience in providing clear aligners has led to being awarded the distinction of an Invisalign Preferred Provider. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at common questions people ask about Invisalign clear aligners.


How Do You Keep Your Smile Healthy During Treatment?

When you wear metal braces, you need to alter a few facets of your daily life. Metal orthodontics can complicate how and what you eat, as well as how you care for your smile. But how does Invisalign alter your routines? How do you care for your smile during treatment? You may be surprised to learn just how little clear aligners can impact your day-to-day routines.