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Digital Imaging And Orthodontics

By making the decision to take care of poorly spaced teeth, you can make improvements to your smile as well as to your oral health. To see the right results, you can rely on a set of Invisalign aligners that make this kind of corrective work easier to pursue than you might anticipate. At our… Read more »

Digital Measurements And Orthodontics

What makes the measurement of your teeth and oral structures so important before you officially start orthodontic work? People who have problems with their teeth spacing can have different needs from their corrective treatments. For those who are interested in treatment with Invisalign aligners, this can call for a personalized set of aligners to make… Read more »

Digital Technology And Treatment Planning

There are many reasons why people choose to pursue orthodontic treatment with Invisalign instead of with traditional metal braces. You can enjoy a more conservative approach to care that does not affect your smile, and you will not have to worry about adjusting to life with permanently placed appliances. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office,… Read more »

How Digital Imaging Affects Invisalign Treatment

When you commit to Invisalign treatment, you commit to an orthodontic procedure that discreetly fixes issues caused by malocclusion, or poor dental alignment. To make sure your corrective work proceeds properly, and to make sure your aligners fit securely, your dentist will need to take close measurements of your teeth and oral structures. Without the… Read more »

We Use Digital Technology To Plan Invisalign Treatment

Careful planning and detailed measurements of your teeth are both important for a successful Invisalign treatment. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we are ready to carefully study your teeth to determine how we can deal with malocclusion by correcting gaps and overlaps that can hurt your appearance and oral health. Thanks to the iTero… Read more »

How Digital Imaging Helps Us Plan Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic work leads to positive smile changes, and it can also improve a person’s oral health. While malocclusion itself is a common issue, there are many different ways it can affect someone. Because of this, careful planning is needed before a treatment can start. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office uses an iTero digital scanner to… Read more »

How Imaging Technology Helps Plan Invisalign Treatment

It is important to take the time to closely measure teeth before an orthodontic procedure. A study of your bite allows your dentist to determine what work is needed to correct problems with spacing and general alignment. The details of this study also help by ensuring your aligners are made to fit your specific teeth…. Read more »

The Role Digital Technology Can Play In Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign treatment has given patients interested in orthodontic work the opportunity to fix smile gaps and overlaps without wearing a fixed metal appliance. A procedure featuring Invisalign will rely on a series of custom-made appliances, with each one made to bring you a step closer to your ultimate improvements. Digital technology enables our Rochester, MN… Read more »

How Is Invisalign Treatment Planned?

What will it take to fully address the alignment problems that currently affect your smile? For many people concerned about gaps or overlaps between teeth, Invisalign can serve as an effective treatment option. Of course, different patients can have different issues with misalignment, which means one person’s aligners may do little to benefit another. At… Read more »

We Use Modern Imaging Tools To Design Custom Aligners

Invisalign clear aligners provide you with a modern, patient-friendly means of fixing frustrating smile alignment issues. At our Rochester, MN dental practice, we are committed to giving patients better experiences with this important corrective work. Our commitment to providing a better patient experience begins with the planning of your adjustment. With our iTero digital scanner,… Read more »