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We Use Modern Imaging Tools To Design Custom Aligners

Invisalign clear aligners provide you with a modern, patient-friendly means of fixing frustrating smile alignment issues. At our Rochester, MN dental practice, we are committed to giving patients better experiences with this important corrective work. Our commitment to providing a better patient experience begins with the planning of your adjustment. With our iTero digital scanner,… Read more »

Using Digital Technology To Plan Invisalign Treatment

Before any important project, you should take the time to plan carefully. At our Rochester, MN dental practice, we are committed to providing great care during every step of a patient’s smile adjustment with Invisalign appliances. Because of this, we use our iTero digital scanner when planning your adjustment, and designing your clear braces. This… Read more »

Using Digital Technology To Plan Orthodontic Care

Our Rochester, MN dental practice wants to make sure that patients looking to straighten their teeth have a great experience throughout their orthodontic adjustment. Because we offer Invisalign aligners, we can offer you a solution to your alignment woes that will have minimal impact on your appearance. You can also appreciate how convenient it is… Read more »

Using Digital Measurements To Craft Your Custom Aligners

An accurate measurement of your teeth is needed to plan your Invisalign treatment, as this information is needed to ensure your custom aligners are the proper fit. To make sure the details of your measurement are highly precise, your Rochester, MN dentist will take those measurements digitally. The iTero digital scanner in our office can… Read more »

How Your Dentist Plans Your Custom Aligners

While you can be excited about the convenience of using Invisalign aligners, and how hard they are to notice, you can have some questions about how they help. Are you really just moving from one appliance to the next? How does your Rochester, MN dentist make sure your aligners are up to the task of… Read more »

Why We Use Digital Images To Plan Invisalign Treatments

Advancements in dental care can lead to better, more comfortable experiences for patients. Sometimes, changes in dental technology can lead to benefits you may not anticipate. When it comes to providing orthodontic care, Invisalign allows patients to enjoy the advantages of a straightened smile without the demands of fixed metal braces, which can interfere with… Read more »

Shortening Your Orthodontic Treatment Time

Because Invisalign aligners offer advantages that conventional metal braces are unable to match, you can be more comfortable throughout your treatment time. You can avoid concerns about the impact of your appliance on how you look, and you can take out Invisalign aligners when they would interfere with meals, and cleaning your teeth. With that… Read more »

Using Digital Images To Plan Your Invisalign Treatment

Without the proper imaging technology, patients would have to bite into a plaster material to make a physical mold of their bite. While they could help plan important orthodontic work, these physical molds could be uncomfortable to make. Because your Rochester, MN dentist’s office has iTero digital scanning technology, you can look forward to a… Read more »

Why We Use Digital Dental Scans Instead Of Physical Molds

Modern dental technology can improve your experience during your Invisalign treatment, even before you receive your aligners. Orthodontic patients in the past had to provide physical molds of their bite, which involved sinking their teeth into an uncomfortable plaster material. This could have an unpleasant taste, and feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, your Rochester, MN dentist’s office… Read more »

Using Technology To Plan Your Invisalign Treatment

Modern dental treatments provide great benefits for patients. When you look into orthodontic work, you can find that an Invisalign treatment from your Rochester, MN dentist’s office can deliver great results without requiring you to have conspicuous metal braces. Using Invisalign provides you with clear aligners that are removable, which results in a procedure that… Read more »