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Invisalign Offers More Than Just An Improved Smile

While patients are certainly allowed to be excited over the cosmetic improvements orthodontic work can offer, you should know that an adjustment is about more than just changing your smile. With gaps and overlaps fixed via your adjustment, you can actually see positive changes in your bite function, and you can even make maintaining a… Read more »

3 Reasons To Take Action If Your Teeth Are Misaligned

Why would someone ignore a problem with their smile? Individuals affected by malocclusion – poor tooth alignment – are sometimes reluctant to discuss treatment. If they believe that treatment has to involve metal braces, they may worry about the impact these appliances will have on them for the duration of their treatment. At our Rochester,… Read more »

Find Out How Your Invisalign Treatment Is Planned

When you start to look into orthodontic treatment, you can feel a mixture of concern and excitement. It can be exciting to think that you will be rid of conspicuous smile flaws caused by poor alignment, but you may have questions about the process of straightening your teeth. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we… Read more »

Will It Be Hard To Wear Your Aligners Every Day?

Orthodontic adjustments take time to complete. With that said, a patient’s patience is rewarded at the end of their correction, as they can show off exciting cosmetic improvements! They can also enjoy oral health benefits from their adjustment, as straightened teeth can absorb and apply more pressure evenly when you bite down. Invisalign aligners can… Read more »

Does An Unsightly Gap Affect Your Smile? Invisalign Can Help

When you focus on the effect a gap has on your smile, it can become difficult to feel confident in your overall appearance. Why do people sometimes leave a gap that makes them self-conscious unaddressed? For those who believe an adjustment requires metal braces, it can be a concern over the experience provided by conspicuous… Read more »

Using Invisalign As An Adult To Fix Smile Flaws

Adults who have never had orthodontic work performed on their teeth, or those who have noticed their teeth shift since earlier treatment, can be reluctant to wear metal braces. The traditional appliances used to address malocclusion are effective at changing the positions of your teeth, but they can be hard to hide from others. They… Read more »

Choosing Invisalign Treatment For Your Teen

While you have recognized the need to provide orthodontic care for your teen, you may have questions about the treatment options available to them. While traditional metal braces have helped people in different age groups fix their malocclusion concerns, your teen may be reluctant to wear a permanent appliance. You may be worried about their… Read more »

Orthodontic Work Can Improve Your Bite Alignment

Why do people decide to ask their dentist about orthodontic treatment? It is often assumed that orthodontic work is just a means to a better smile, that the goal in treatment is to improve your appearance by addressing any gaps or overlaps that are visible. While cosmetic improvements are certainly possible with an adjustment, this… Read more »

Propel Can Help Us Shorten Your Orthodontic Adjustment

When someone feels excited to begin orthodontic treatment, it can be safe to assume what they are really excited for is the end of their adjustment. After all, at the point your orthodontic correction is complete, you can start to show off exciting smile improvements! At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we are able to… Read more »

How Imaging Technology Helps Plan Invisalign Treatment

It is important to take the time to closely measure teeth before an orthodontic procedure. A study of your bite allows your dentist to determine what work is needed to correct problems with spacing and general alignment. The details of this study also help by ensuring your aligners are made to fit your specific teeth…. Read more »