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Smile Care During Invisalign Treatment

There are big benefits to taking care of problems with poorly spaced teeth. With that being said, there are also certain concerns many patients have about starting work to straighten their smile. One is that braces, once placed, will interfere with their day in ways that frustrate them. However, you can look into Invisalign treatment,… Read more »

Can Teeth Shift After Orthodontic Work?

If you had orthodontic work in the past, you can feel more than a little concerned to see your teeth shift later in life. Unfortunately, this can happen, particularly to those who do not make effective use of a retainer provided to them. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office can help you if you are starting… Read more »

Starting Invisalign During The Summer

Is it really a good idea to commit to something like Invisalign treatment during the summer? For both teens and adults, these months can actually be a great time to start work to straighten teeth. Teens are out of school, which can make arranging their treatment easier. For all patients, Invisalign treatment can be surprisingly… Read more »

Using Digital Images To Plan Adjustments

When you start to talk with your dentist about treating problems with poorly aligned teeth, you can find yourself excited for alternatives to treatment with metal braces. Traditional orthodontic appliances have helped many people address malocclusion. With that said, patients who qualify for alternate forms of care can be happy to learn about options like… Read more »

Life With Removable Aligners

What keeps people from starting treatment to address problems with their teeth spacing? Many people worry that choosing to start treatment means choosing to wear an awkward, uncomfortable appliance for an extended period of time. With Invisalign treatment as an option, you can instead move forward with a procedure that is minimally invasive. Removable aligners… Read more »

Have You Put Off Orthodontic Work?

People sometimes delay orthodontic work, even when they are aware that it can help improve their oral health as well as their appearance. For many people, concerns about fixed metal braces can make it difficult to commit to a procedure. What you can find is that you may qualify for treatment with Invisalign aligners, a… Read more »

Your Questions Concerning Invisalign

Would you be excited to learn that your dentist can straighten your smile without asking you to rely on traditional metal braces? Metal braces are effective at addressing issues with malocclusion, but patients sometimes feel self-conscious about using them because they are fixed in place, and because they draw unwanted notice. At our Rochester, MN… Read more »

Your Daily Life With Invisalign Aligners

As you look into orthodontic treatment, you can learn that the process of correcting problems with the spacing of your smile can offer cosmetic and oral health benefits. Even as patients discover the advantages of moving forward with care, they may be reluctant to talk to their dentist. Have you let concerns about life during… Read more »

Shortening Your Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign treatment can be a welcome alternative to treatment with metal braces. There are many reasons for this – patients who are anxious about corrective work can be happy to have aligners that are hard to see, and they can be glad to wear appliances that they are free to remove. What you may not… Read more »

Digital Imaging And Invisalign Treatment

The right approach to Invisalign treatment is one that is tailored to your needs. The design of your clear aligners will be based on the shape and size of your teeth as well as their current positions. To gather the appropriate measurements and ensure that we have the right information, our Rochester, MN dentist’s office… Read more »