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Using Propel To Shorten Orthodontic Treatment Time

Before a patient receives their personalized Invisalign aligners, they will have their teeth and oral structures measured with our iTero digital scanner. When this scanning is complete, we can actually show off a “preview” image of how that patient’s smile will look at the end of their orthodontic treatment. While Invisalign makes corrective work easier… Read more »

Is Your Teen Old Enough To Begin Invisalign Treatment?

As children grow up, their oral structures develop in important ways. One significant change that occurs early is the gradual arrival and loss of primary (baby) teeth, followed by the arrival of secondary, or adult, teeth. One issue that can become a point of concern for growing kids is malocclusion. When teeth arrive, they may… Read more »

Making Plans To Straighten Your Smile In The New Year

The new year is an opportunity to make resolutions that lead to meaningful improvements in your life. If your teeth are poorly spaced, committing to orthodontic work can lead to meaningful cosmetic and oral health improvements. By committing to explore your treatment options, you can find that Invisalign can make the process of straightening your… Read more »

How Digital Imaging Helps Us Plan Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic work leads to positive smile changes, and it can also improve a person’s oral health. While malocclusion itself is a common issue, there are many different ways it can affect someone. Because of this, careful planning is needed before a treatment can start. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office uses an iTero digital scanner to… Read more »

3 Benefits To Having Your Teeth Straightened

With Invisalign aligners, you can take care of problems with the spacing of your teeth that have hurt your smile. Orthodontic work has helped many individuals become confident in the way they look, as it can help with longstanding alignment concerns as well as issues related to teeth that shifted later in life. What you… Read more »

Starting Invisalign Treatment Before The Start Of A New Year

The new year begins in less than one month. While this tends to be a busy time, you can fit more than you expect into your calendar before 2021. One thing you can do is start plans to improve your smile with Invisalign treatment. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office uses advanced imaging technology to carefully… Read more »

Is There A Way To Shorten An Orthodontic Procedure?

There are several benefits to undergoing orthodontic treatment to fix gaps and overlaps between your teeth. The benefit to your appearance is hard to miss, and often what patients are interested in when they start to discuss corrective work. They can also be excited to have work done that will improve their bite function and… Read more »

Finding Time For Your Teen To Start Invisalign Treatment

It can be important to start orthodontic work for a teenager, as straighter teeth can lead to more confidence as well as better oral health. With that said, it may be hard to know when the right time to begin treatment is, especially if you are worried about how braces will affect them. At our… Read more »

Let Your Dentist Explain How Invisalign Can Help You

Even minor problems with the alignment of your teeth can cause problems that rob you of confidence in your smile. You take care of your teeth each day by brushing and flossing diligently, but routine care will not bring about the cosmetic changes you might hope to see. Fortunately, your Rochester, MN dentist is able… Read more »

See How Invisalign Treatment Can Change A Person’s Smile

If a person has teeth that are not in good alignment, they can feel dissatisfied with the way they look because their smile will be uneven, and noticeable gaps or overlaps may cause them to feel self-conscious. Problems with malocclusion can do more than just hurt the quality of an individual’s smile. With that said,… Read more »