Should I Schedule An Invisalign Consultation?

If you have concerns about the way your teeth are aligned, you can explore options for treatment that do not require metal braces. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can help you understand the advantages to choosing treatment with a customized set of Invisalign aligners. A consultation to discuss your treatment with clear aligners can help you understand both what to expect from the adjustment itself and what successful treatment can offer. We can also help you understand how your corrective work is planned. We should note that treatment can offer more than just a more confident smile. When your teeth are straightened, you can enjoy better bite function and other oral health benefits!

Learning The Benefits Of Invisalign Treatment

People can have different degrees of trouble with poor teeth spacing. For many who are affected by malocclusion, this kind of trouble can be addressed without the use of metal braces. An alternative approach with Invisalign aligners can make a procedure easier to fit into your daily life. It can help you feel more comfortable with the way you look, and it can prevent problems with eating and your oral hygiene routine.

How Our Imaging Technology Helps You Enjoy The Right Start To Treatment

Our commitment to providing a better patient experience can actually begin with the planning of your procedure. We can use our iTero digital scanner to carefully evaluate your teeth and oral structures in order to determine what you need from treatment, and to gauge what shape and size your appliances should be. In addition to providing a more comfortable experience for patients being evaluated, digital technology can produce remarkably accurate measurements for use in designing aligners. With the iTero scanner, we can even create a 3D image to preview how your smile will look after you complete corrective work!

Clear Aligners Can Help Teens And Adults

Invisalign aligners are able to help many adults, both those who are starting orthodontic work for the first time and those who want to fix the positions of teeth that shifted after an earlier adjustment. We can also use clear aligners to help teenagers ready for corrective work. Your teen can welcome this alternative to metal braces, as they have less to worry about in terms of how they will look during treatment and how their aligners might intrude on their daily activities.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Scheduling An Invisalign Consultation!

By scheduling an Invisalign consultation, you can learn more about treatment with clear aligners and their potential for helping you. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you enjoy a better experience with orthodontic treatment, contact your Rochester, MN dentist’s office by calling (507) 281-3659.