Month: April 2022

How Invisalign Helps Fix Smile Flaws

There are different reasons why some people hesitate before showing off their smile. Embarrassment over issues like dental discoloration, damaged enamel, and poor smile alignment are just some of the concerns that people have regarding the way they look. Problems with poor alignment can be especially frustrating, as people who want to fix this problem… Read more »

Clear Aligners And Your Cosmetic Goals

If you lack total confidence in your smile, you can benefit from discussing what you would like to improve with your dentist. By doing so, you can learn that the right procedure can have a desirable outcome and make your treatment experience surprisingly easy. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can help people concerned… Read more »

The Choice To Start Invisalign Treatment

There are different choices you can make if you have concerns about the alignment of your smile. One choice is to do nothing simply live with the issue, but this means you continue to have doubts about your smile, and you can remain vulnerable to oral health issues that are affected by malocclusion. Your other… Read more »

How Is Your Invisalign Treatment Planned?

There are important steps to take before you begin wearing Invisalign aligners. In addition to confirming that you are a good candidate for this treatment approach, it is necessary for your dentist to closely evaluate your smile and take detailed measurements of your teeth and oral structures. When this is done, it leads to care… Read more »