How Invisalign Changes Your Smile

If your smile is negatively impacted by malocclusion, orthodontic work can make exciting changes to your overall appearance. While many people with spacing problems are interested in how they can improve the way they look, they may be reluctant to start an adjustment if it calls for fixed metal braces. What you should know is that a discreet alternative to this kind of care is available. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can recommend that you begin treatment with Invisalign aligners. Through the use of these appliances, you can take care of embarrassing gaps and overlaps with discreet appliances that avoid interference in your daily life. In addition to seeing cosmetic benefits from this care, you can enjoy better oral health from your straightened smile!

Are You Bothered By Poor Teeth Spacing?

Problems with teeth spacing can be difficult to keep hidden. The gaps and overlaps between your teeth can draw unwanted attention. You can also have negative feelings about your smile because it is asymmetrical, which can be less attractive. Until you have your teeth straightened, these problems can be a source of embarrassment. Fortunately, there are solutions available to you that can help. With Invisalign appliances, you can fix these issues without resorting to treatment with aligners that have to be fixed in place, and without concerns that your treatment will call for the use of conspicuous appliances.

Using Invisalign Instead Of Metal Braces

When you choose Invisalign treatment over work with metal braces, you can have an easier time fitting care into your daily life. Your aligners will be difficult to see, so you can wear them with confidence even in settings where you are more concerned about your appearance. You are also free to take them out whenever you need to eat or clean your teeth.

To make sure you see the right results from care, we use detailed measurements captured by our iTero digital scanner to see what shape and size your appliances should be. This evaluation also tells us what kind of movements need to happen to make the right improvements to the way you look. The 3D images that we capture can actually let us show you a “preview” of your smile when your adjustment is finished!

Orthodontic Work Can Also Help You Improve Your Oral Health

Work to improve your smile alignment can actually help your oral health in several ways. Poor smile spacing can make it harder to maintain an even bite movement. The imbalance in your dental function puts strain on your jaw muscles and joints, which can lead to worsening discomfort over time. Your poor spacing can also make certain teeth absorb more of the friction from biting and chewing, which can wear them down and make them more vulnerable to issues over time.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Invisalign Treatment!

Through Invisalign treatment, we can help you take on problems with malocclusion while we help you avoid the difficulties that people can experience while wearing metal braces. To find out more about how we can help you, contact your Rochester, MN dentist’s office by calling (507) 281-3659.