Using Invisalign For Teeth That Overlap

There are problems with teeth spacing that are difficult to ignore, even when the alignment issues you have are relatively minor. If your teeth are too close together, the crowding effect can lead to problems for your appearance as teeth overlap awkwardly. They can sit at odd angles, making them less attractive, less capable of providing the right bite support, and potentially harder to keep clean. Fortunately, this is a treatable issue; for many, it can be addressed through conservative Invisalign treatment! At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can help you take on problems with uneven or awkward spacing by recommending treatment with clear aligners. This can prove to be an effective solution for adults, and it can also help teens who are reaching the age where orthodontic care should occur.

Poor Spacing Can Make Teeth Overlap In Awkward Ways

If your teeth are too close together, they can overlap in ways that look unsightly. The tight spacing can lead to the appearance of teeth that sit at odd angles or are recessed behind their neighbors. These issues can affect your smile, but they can also impact your bite function, and they may even make it harder to make the most of your brushing and flossing sessions. By using Invisalign aligners, you can gradually move them so that they are in their appropriate positions, which can deliver cosmetic as well as functional advantages.

Starting Invisalign Treatment

Before you begin your Invisalign treatment, we will use our iTero digital scanner to measure your smile and bite function. From there, we can plan your adjustment, and we can make sure that you receive appliances that are the right shape and size to help you. To stay on target for your treatment end date, you should keep your aligners in place throughout each day, though you can remove them to eat and clean your teeth. Because you move from one aligner to another, and do not need to go through a manual adjustment process for your appliances, you can go through treatment with fewer in-office appointments!

Can Invisalign Treatment Help Your Teen?

Invisalign is an effective treatment solution for adults, whether they are looking into orthodontic treatment for the first time or to address shifting that occurred after their initial adjustment. This approach can also prove effective for teenagers who are approaching the age when orthodontic work should occur. If your teen has problems with teeth spacing, we can talk to you about starting care with Invisalign to discreetly fix this issue!

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist’s Office About Starting Invisalign Treatment!

Unsightly problems that are linked to poor teeth spacing can be addressed through Invisalign appliances. Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry is happy to meet with you to discuss the impact this care can have on your smile, or on the smile of your teen. To find out more, contact your Rochester, MN dentist’s office by calling (507) 281-3659.