Month: November 2021

Using Invisalign Around The Holidays

At the start of the holidays, people who are going through the process of straightening their teeth may wonder how their treatment will affect their ability to celebrate properly. Invisalign aligners can actually take away these kinds of concerns, as they help you avoid the issues with aligners that might complicate your ability to enjoy… Read more »

Orthodontic Services For Adults

While people frequently go through orthodontic treatment as children, often during their teen years, corrective work can be important for many adults. This is sometimes because they have never had their issues with malocclusion addressed, but in some cases it can be due to the shifting of teeth that occurred after past corrective work. At… Read more »

Digital Technology And Treatment Planning

There are many reasons why people choose to pursue orthodontic treatment with Invisalign instead of with traditional metal braces. You can enjoy a more conservative approach to care that does not affect your smile, and you will not have to worry about adjusting to life with permanently placed appliances. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office,… Read more »

Using Invisalign For Teeth That Overlap

There are problems with teeth spacing that are difficult to ignore, even when the alignment issues you have are relatively minor. If your teeth are too close together, the crowding effect can lead to problems for your appearance as teeth overlap awkwardly. They can sit at odd angles, making them less attractive, less capable of… Read more »