Invisalign’s Impact On Your Smile

The way a person feels about their smile can change when they take on the problems that previously made them self-conscious. Poorly aligned teeth make many people unhappy with the way they look. If you have gaps between teeth, or if you have teeth that are so close together that they overlap in ways that make you smile uneven, it can be a source of discomfort for you. It can also create problems for your dental health! Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office can help you address this by recommending Invisalign treatment. Your personalized orthodontic treatment with clear aligners can change your smile, and it can deliver improvements that benefit your oral health!

Should You Consider Invisalign Treatment?

Should you consider Invisalign treatment if you want to correct problems with your smile? Corrective work can be beneficial for teens as well as adults who are ready to address spacing flaws. As an alternative to treatment with metal braces, you can enjoy a procedure that is less conspicuous, and you can be glad to have appliances that are easy to remove. By fixing spacing problems that affect your smile, you can make changes to the way you look that will fill you with renewed confidence. This work will also help you improve your oral health in meaningful ways.

Beginning Work To Correct Problems With Your Smile Alignment

With our iTero digital scanner, we can capture detailed 3D images of your teeth and oral structures that will allow us to personalize your orthodontic treatment. The aligners that you are provided will make gradual adjustments to your teeth in order to move your smile in desirable ways. They can be removed whenever they are in your way, such as when you eat or clean your teeth, so you will not have to worry about them interfering with these activities.

Treatment Can Improve Your Bite And Appearance

Orthodontic work is capable of making impressive cosmetic changes, but the work can help you with more than just your appearance. When your teeth are straightened, you will be able to improve your bite function, making it more even and comfortable. This work can also correct problems with teeth that overlap, which can make them difficult to clean.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Invisalign Treatment

Individuals who feel self-conscious about the way they look because of poorly aligned teeth can find out about the advantages to starting corrective work with Invisalign. With your custom aligners, you can take care of gaps and overlaps that cause conspicuous flaws, and make overall changes that give your smile a more symmetrical look. If you have questions about this service, and the benefits that it can deliver, call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN today at (507) 281-3659.