When Teens Start Invisalign Treatment

There are several important milestones that we reach in our teen years. During this time, your child makes their way through high school, becomes eligible to drive, and prepares for life as an adult. One common milestone worth mentioning is the start of orthodontic treatment. Those kids who have issues with teeth that are not properly spaced can depend on treatment to make both cosmetic and oral health improvements. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can discuss plans to start treatment with Invisalign for your teen. This provides a more patient-friendly alternative to care, as the appliances that we use are both difficult to see and easy to remove.

Is Your Teen Ready To Begin Orthodontic Treatment?

At their regular dental appointments, kids will have evaluations that look for more than just common threats like tooth decay and gum disease. One issue we can watch out for is evidence of malocclusion, which can make orthodontic treatment appropriate. Starting Invisalign treatment for your teenager means beginning work that can fix issues with spacing and overlaps, leading to benefits for their smile and oral health.

Benefits Of Choosing Invisalign Over Traditional Metal Braces

Should you consider Invisalign treatment as an alternative to traditional metal braces? Teens can appreciate this option, as they will have less to worry about when it comes to the way they look during their adjustment period. People of all ages can find advantages to inconspicuous appliances. For kids, discreet treatment can make them feel less awkward in social situations. Adults can appreciate that their appearance is not changed in social as well as professional settings. People of all ages can also appreciate how easy it is to remove their aligners when they need to eat or clean their teeth.

Orthodontic Work Does More Than Improve Your Smile

Addressing problems with poor teeth spacing does more than just change the way someone looks when they smile. Orthodontic services have oral health benefits that should not be ignored. One reason to pursue treatment is that it can lead to better bite function, which can both protect teeth and lower someone’s risk for experiencing chronic jaw pain. Another is that when you fix problems with overlaps, it can be easier to maintain a smile care routine that is truly effective at fighting the buildup of bacteria and food debris between certain areas.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Invisalign Treatment

The services at Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry provide benefits for people of all ages. For adults and teens alike, we can offer care in the form of Invisalign treatment. With these appliances, patients can have an easier time committing to care, and they can still see the different benefits to a successful adjustment. If you would like to learn more, contact your Rochester, MN dentist’s office by calling (507) 281-3659.