We Can Answer Your Invisalign Questions

There are many people who suffer from some degree of malocclusion. Simply put, this means they have issues with the way their teeth are spaced, and that can impact their appearance as well as their oral health. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can offer an effective solution to this problem in the form of Invisalign aligners. With Invisalign, we can take care of your appearance by using discreet, custom-made aligners to gradually move them into better positions. We can help both adults and teen patients who are ready for orthodontic work. Thanks to our advanced digital imaging technology, we can even make your experience with preparing for treatment more comfortable!

Am I A Good Candidate For Invisalign Treatment?

Many people who have mild to moderate issues with poor smile alignment can qualify for treatment with Invisalign aligners. This treatment approach relies on gradual movements which are guided by a series of appliances that you will wear throughout your days. Each one is custom-made to ensure a secure fit, and to make sure that the right movement are being encouraged through their use.

How Can I Be Sure My Aligners Will Make The Right Adjustments?

As you learn more about Invisalign, it can help to learn about the technology we use to help plan your procedure. We rely on an iTero digital scanner to take detailed impressions of your teeth and oral structures. With the measurements that we take away from these digital images, we are able to craft aligners that are ready to take care of your smile. Once we have your images captured, we can even show you a “preview” of how you will look after treatment!

How Will My Aligners Affect My Daily Life?

When patients choose Invisalign aligners over metal braces, they look forward to daily benefits from wearing removable, hard-to-see appliances instead of ones that draw unwanted attention. You can feel comfortable with your smile as you interact in both social and professional settings, as they are made with a clear material that is difficult for others to see. At times when they might be in your way, you can simply slip them off, which means you will not have to worry about your diet choices or your approach to daily smile care being compromised!

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Invisalign!

Through corrective work with Invisalign aligners, you can enjoy more confidence in your smile, and you can take on flaws that can interfere with your bite function and oral health. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office is happy to help you better understand this procedure and how it can benefit you. To find out more, contact Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry by calling us at (507) 281-3659.