Month: September 2021

Can Aligners Help With Teeth Crowding?

The problems with your teeth spacing can be hard to ignore, and difficult to hide. While some people have too much space between certain teeth, leaving them with distracting gaps, others are embarrassed by crowding that causes teeth to overlap, appear recessed, or sit at an angle. To fix this issue, your Rochester, MN dentist… Read more »

We Can Answer Your Invisalign Questions

There are many people who suffer from some degree of malocclusion. Simply put, this means they have issues with the way their teeth are spaced, and that can impact their appearance as well as their oral health. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can offer an effective solution to this problem in the form… Read more »

Trust Invisalign To Improve Your Smile

What currently stands between you and your ideal smile? If you have problems with malocclusion, poor spacing between teeth could make you feel less attractive because your smile has an asymmetrical look, or because of visible gaps and overlaps between your teeth. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can help you fix spacing flaws… Read more »

How Invisalign Improves Bite Function

Is your oral health negatively impacted by poor smile alignment? Problems with the way your teeth are aligned can certainly affect the way you look, but it can also hurt you in other ways. For example, someone whose teeth are crooked and poorly aligned can have more difficulty maintaining a natural and comfortable bite function…. Read more »

When Teens Start Invisalign Treatment

There are several important milestones that we reach in our teen years. During this time, your child makes their way through high school, becomes eligible to drive, and prepares for life as an adult. One common milestone worth mentioning is the start of orthodontic treatment. Those kids who have issues with teeth that are not… Read more »