Month: June 2021

Life With Removable Aligners

What keeps people from starting treatment to address problems with their teeth spacing? Many people worry that choosing to start treatment means choosing to wear an awkward, uncomfortable appliance for an extended period of time. With Invisalign treatment as an option, you can instead move forward with a procedure that is minimally invasive. Removable aligners… Read more »

Have You Put Off Orthodontic Work?

People sometimes delay orthodontic work, even when they are aware that it can help improve their oral health as well as their appearance. For many people, concerns about fixed metal braces can make it difficult to commit to a procedure. What you can find is that you may qualify for treatment with Invisalign aligners, a… Read more »

Your Questions Concerning Invisalign

Would you be excited to learn that your dentist can straighten your smile without asking you to rely on traditional metal braces? Metal braces are effective at addressing issues with malocclusion, but patients sometimes feel self-conscious about using them because they are fixed in place, and because they draw unwanted notice. At our Rochester, MN… Read more »