Invisalign Treatment For Teenagers

With Invisalign aligners, our Rochester, MN dentist’s office can help people take care of embarrassing gaps and overlaps between teeth that make them self-conscious. By using clear aligners instead of metal braces, we make it possible for you to address these cosmetic flaws without the use of a conspicuous appliance that draws unwanted notice from others. In addition to making treatment more discreet for adults who wish to maintain a professional appearance, we can use Invisalign to help teenagers deal with malocclusion. If your teen is reaching an age where orthodontic treatment is something to consider, we can talk to you about the advantages of trusting clear appliances to change the way they look!

Is Your Teen In Need Of Orthodontic Treatment?

One thing to keep in mind is that while orthodontic treatment can make you more confident in your appearance, it is not just a cosmetic procedure! By fixing problems with poorly aligned teeth, we can resolve issues with poor bite movement, and we can also make preventive oral care easier. These are big benefits for teenagers, as these improvements can help them avoid difficulties with their oral health and appearance over time. When orthodontic work is recommended, you can find that your child is more comfortable with Invisalign – a less intrusive approach to orthodontic work – than treatment with metal braces that draw unwanted attention and cannot be removed.

Using Invisalign Aligners To Deal With Uneven Smiles

Before starting your teenager’s Invisalign treatment, we will take detailed measurements of their teeth and bite with our iTero digital scanner. Digital imaging offers certain advantages over the practice of creating physical bite molds. One is that we can capture a remarkable degree of detail with a digital scanner. Another is that the process of planning care can be more comfortable.

Once your child has their Invisalign aligners, they will wear them throughout each day, moving from one appliance to the next as they reach different milestones in their adjustment. Because aligners are easy to remove, they are not going to interfere with practices like eating, brushing, and flossing.

The Long-Term Value Of Straightening Crooked Teeth

After they go through their Invisalign treatment, your teenager can show off a more attractive and confident smile, one no longer affected by visible spacing problems. Correcting these issues can also help them maintain an even bite, which will reduce stress on their jaw and also prevent the overuse of certain teeth. Straightening their teeth can also make smile care easier to manage, which can lead to fewer oral health issues over time!

Arrange Invisalign Treatment For Your Teen At Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry!

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