Month: February 2021

Is It Time For Your Child To Begin Orthodontic Treatment?

While malocclusion is a problem that affects many people to different degrees, it can be a real concern for you if your child has issues with the spacing and/or alignment of their teeth. Even if these problems are relatively mild, it can be a source of embarrassment for them, and it can create more problems… Read more »

Adjusting To Wearing Invisalign Aligners On A Daily Basis

It can be easier than you expect to start and proceed with orthodontic treatment when you commit to treatment with Invisalign appliances. After all, the aligners that you rely on for your smile adjustments will be made of a clear material that makes them hard to notice. When they seem to be in your way,… Read more »

Your Teeth Can Shift Later In Life – Invisalign Can Help

Many people go through orthodontic work while they are teenagers, and enter adulthood with a straightened smile that gives them confidence. Unfortunately, your adjusted smile can change as teeth begin shifting back to their earlier positions. Even if your alignment flaws are less severe than they used to be, it can be frustrating to see… Read more »

Choosing Invisalign To Straighten Overlapping Teeth

If your teeth look crowded, or if you have teeth that seem to overlap in inappropriate ways, your smile can look jagged, uneven, and generally not as attractive as you might like. Fixing problems with teeth crowding can give you more confidence in your smile and even lead to oral health improvements! Our Rochester, MN… Read more »