Month: November 2020

Is There A Way To Shorten An Orthodontic Procedure?

There are several benefits to undergoing orthodontic treatment to fix gaps and overlaps between your teeth. The benefit to your appearance is hard to miss, and often what patients are interested in when they start to discuss corrective work. They can also be excited to have work done that will improve their bite function and… Read more »

Finding Time For Your Teen To Start Invisalign Treatment

It can be important to start orthodontic work for a teenager, as straighter teeth can lead to more confidence as well as better oral health. With that said, it may be hard to know when the right time to begin treatment is, especially if you are worried about how braces will affect them. At our… Read more »

Let Your Dentist Explain How Invisalign Can Help You

Even minor problems with the alignment of your teeth can cause problems that rob you of confidence in your smile. You take care of your teeth each day by brushing and flossing diligently, but routine care will not bring about the cosmetic changes you might hope to see. Fortunately, your Rochester, MN dentist is able… Read more »

See How Invisalign Treatment Can Change A Person’s Smile

If a person has teeth that are not in good alignment, they can feel dissatisfied with the way they look because their smile will be uneven, and noticeable gaps or overlaps may cause them to feel self-conscious. Problems with malocclusion can do more than just hurt the quality of an individual’s smile. With that said,… Read more »