Straightening Your Teeth Can Raise Your Confidence

Many people lack confidence in their smile because they have issues with misaligned teeth. Because the idea of wearing metal braces can make some people uneasy, they continue to live with flaws that make them unhappy. If you are in this position, there are a few things that you should know. One is that orthodontic treatment offers more than just smile improvements, as a correction can improve your bite function and oral health. The others is that you may not need metal braces to make changes to your smile. Invisalign aligners can straighten teeth discreetly, and they make your adjustment easier, as they can be removed without difficulty. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office is prepared to help adults and teens who are ready to do something about their issues with malocclusion!

How Malocclusion Affects A Person’s Appearance

Problems with malocclusion affect many people. They can have problems with teeth that overlap, gaps between teeth, or other spacing problems that cause issues with the symmetry of their smile. These issues can make many self-conscious, as alignment flaws tend to be addressed in earlier years. With that said, many people do not have orthodontic work when they are younger, or they see their teeth shift over time after a past adjustment.

Wearing Invisalign Aligners To Correct Smile Gaps And Teeth That Overlap

With your Invisalign treatment, your teeth can be steadily moved into more attractive and appropriate positions. Our practice relies on an iTero digital scanner to carefully measure a patient’s teeth and make plans for their adjustment. With the images that are captured, we can make sure your appliances fit properly, and we can work out the right movements in the course of your correction. We can even show you a digital preview of your smile after the adjustment is completed!

More Reasons To Look Into Orthodontic Treatment

Corrective work that addresses smile gaps and overlaps can offer more than just cosmetic benefits. In the course of your adjustment, we can actually make your bite more even, and that can reduce tension on your joints and muscles. By reducing this tension, your risk for TMJ disorder is lowered. The movement of teeth that overlap can make your brushing and flossing efforts more effective, which can make you less likely to have problems with tartar buildup, decay, or gum disease.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist’s Office About Straightening Your Teeth

Through Invisalign treatment, you can enjoy exciting smile changes that raise your confidence without having to wear metal braces! An adjustment can do more than just change the way you look – this corrective work also has oral health benefits. To find out more about Invisalign treatment, contact your Rochester, MN dentist’s office by calling (507) 281-3659.