Month: September 2020

Straighter Teeth Can Also Lead To Better Bite Function

Once you have work done to straighten your teeth, you can start to show off a more attractive and confident smile. Invisalign treatment has helped many people improve their appearance. If you have never had orthodontic work done before, or if your teeth have shifted since your teeth were straightened, these appliances provide a discreet… Read more »

Will I Be Comfortable Wearing My Aligners During The Day?

Should you worry that your orthodontic treatment will be uncomfortable? Because the process of fixing your smile alignment can require you to wear an orthodontic appliance for an extended period of time, this can be a serious concern. In fact, discomfort around the idea of metal braces is one reason patients often think about using… Read more »

Straightening Your Teeth Can Raise Your Confidence

Many people lack confidence in their smile because they have issues with misaligned teeth. Because the idea of wearing metal braces can make some people uneasy, they continue to live with flaws that make them unhappy. If you are in this position, there are a few things that you should know. One is that orthodontic… Read more »

Fix Your Smile By Addressing Teeth Crowding

Problems with crowding can make your smile look awkward, asymmetrical, and less attractive overall. When teeth are too close together, they can overlap in ways that make some of them stick out or appear recessed, and generally seem bunched or cramped. To fix these issues, patients often have orthodontic work recommended to them. While you… Read more »

Can I Shorten My Orthodontic Treatment Time?

Once your orthodontic adjustment ends, you will be able to show off a confident smile free of alignment flaws. When you have these cosmetic improvements to look forward to, it can be hard not to feel some impatience while waiting to complete treatment. This can be true even for those who choose to straighten their… Read more »