We Can Plan Your Customized Invisalign Treatment

Malocclusion causes different issues for different patients, which is why there is no one “right” way to provide orthodontic treatment. When it comes to planning care with Invisalign aligners, our Rochester, MN dentist’s office uses advanced imaging technology to help us design your appliances and plan your adjustment! The iTero digital scanner in our office can take remarkably detailed measurements of your teeth and oral structures. With the images we gather, we can have aligners designed that properly fit your teeth, and determine how to gradually move your teeth into the right positions. In addition to helping you see exciting changes to your smile, this work can produce oral health benefits like better bite support!

Do You Have An Interest In Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic work is frequently done during the teen years, but adults can benefit from treatment as well. Our practice is ready to help patients in different age groups, and those who have different needs from their correction. We can help you if you are undergoing an adjustment for the first time, or if you hope to fix a gradual shifting of teeth that may have occurred after past orthodontic work.

What To Expect When Your Invisalign Treatment Is Planned

When planning orthodontic treatments for patients, we rely on digital imaging technology to take necessary measurements. This provides a welcome alternative to measurements taken from a physical mold a patient has to create by biting into a plaster material. With the technology in our office, we are able to take a series of 3D images that are used to determine what your orthodontic needs are, and to create your appliances. With those images, we can actually show you a preview of what your teeth will look like when your adjustment is complete!

Find Out How We Can Shorten Your Overall Adjustment Time

As we discuss the right orthodontic treatment for you, we can review the potential benefits of Propel orthodontic technology. With Propel, we have the ability to shorten someone’s treatment time. This is because we can speed up the movement of tissues that support teeth – those adjustments ensure that corrections are permanent, and that teeth do not shift back into their previous positions. Treatment that includes Propel can deliver results in remarkably short time, which means your final results could be ready in as little as a year!

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Invisalign Treatment

At Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry, patients who are negatively impacted by poor smile alignment can learn about the benefits of treatment with Invisalign aligners. With these appliances, we can fix flaws that make you self-conscious about your appearance and provide oral health improvements. To find out more, please contact your Rochester, MN dentist’s office by calling (507) 281-3659.