Invisalign Offers More Than Just An Improved Smile

While patients are certainly allowed to be excited over the cosmetic improvements orthodontic work can offer, you should know that an adjustment is about more than just changing your smile. With gaps and overlaps fixed via your adjustment, you can actually see positive changes in your bite function, and you can even make maintaining a healthy smile less difficult. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we are able to offer these exciting benefits to patients through Invisalign treatment. With your Invisalign aligners, we can fix the issues that affect your appearance and oral health without drawing unwanted attention to conspicuous appliances. We also rely on technology at our practice to make your adjustment experience shorter and more pleasant!

Poor Smile Alignment Can Affect Your Oral Health

If your teeth are not properly aligned, your oral health can be affected in ways that should concern you. When teeth overlap, they can be more difficult to clean effectively. What this means is that you become more vulnerable to the buildup of tartar, which leads to more issues with decay and gingivitis. You also have to worry about the impact your smile alignment will have on your bite. You may not realize it, but your current bite could be putting extra strain on your jaw joints, or creating problems with uneven wear and tear. Fixing these problems can have lasting value. These issues, along with the cosmetic benefits of treatment, encourage many adults to do something about longstanding issues with malocclusion. Having your teenager’s smile corrected through orthodontic work will benefit them by addressing these problems before they become an issue at a later point.

Beginning A Procedure With Invisalign Aligners

As you begin your alignment with Invisalign aligners, you can find that they have little impact on your regular daily life. The use of clear plastic in their design helps to avoid drawing unwanted attention. You can wear your appliances in social and professional gatherings without worrying how they affect the way you are perceived. You can also be glad to have orthodontic appliances that are easy to remove, as they will avoid causing issues for your ability to eat and clean your teeth.

Benefits To Scheduling Treatment At Our Practice

From the start of your treatment, we can help make your orthodontic adjustment more comfortable. One way we do this is by using digital technology to take the measurements needed to plan your adjustment. Our iTero digital scanner removes the need to make a physical mold of your bite. It also gives us the ability to share a digital “preview” of your corrected smile. For those who hope to complete treatment in a short time, Propel technology can actually speed up your correction. As a result, you can be through with your smile correction in less time, and start showing off your improved smile sooner!

Discuss Invisalign Aligners With Your Rochester, MN Dentist

With Invisalign treatment, you can fix problems associated with poor smile alignment without the use of conspicuous metal braces. To find out more, contact Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.