Can Your Smile Issues Be Fixed With Clear Aligners?

Even if your troubles with malocclusion are limited, a “minor” problem with teeth that are poorly spaced can hurt the quality of your smile. What frustrates many people is the idea that to fix these problems, they have to go through with a treatment with metal braces. You should know that problems with gaps, overlaps, and other spacing concerns can often be treated with the use of Invisalign clear aligners instead of conventional braces. With Invisalign appliances, your correction can remain discreet, as your aligners will be hard for others to notice. You can also be glad to have a treatment that allows for the quick and easy removal of your appliances, as this ensures your treatment will not interfere with your habits.

Poor Smile Alignment Can Make People Feel Self-Conscious

Even mild to moderate problems with malocclusion can feel like a big problem for your smile. Gaps and overlaps can interfere with your facial symmetry, making you feel dissatisfied with the way you look while smiling or speaking. While some patients are reluctant to move forward with treatment because they are unhappy with the idea of metal braces, they still want to do something about these flaws. During a consultation to discuss orthodontic work, we can talk to you about what your adjustment with Invisalign can do for you. When moving forward with treatment, we can even show you a “preview” of your appearance after your correction. This is possible thanks to the digital images we gather using our iTero scanner.

Making Plans For Treatment With Invisalign

When Invisalign treatment is planned, care is taken to determine how to best fix your alignment flaws. After measurements of your teeth and bite are taken, we will create a series of aligners that are custom-made to fit you. Each appliance will be worn for a set period of time to bring your smile closer to its ideal alignment. While you should keep your appliances in place for as long as possible, you are free to remove them when you eat or clean your teeth, which prevents them from interfering with these activities.

Want To See Results Sooner? Ask About Propel!

With Propel orthodontic technology, we can move you through a successful orthodontic adjustment in less time than you might think possible! This faster correction is made possible because the tissues supporting your teeth can be shifted in less time. Those shifts ensure that your smile remains corrected after treatment is finished, making it important for the long-term value of orthodontic work.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Invisalign

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