What Questions Would You Like To Ask About Orthodontic Work?

Some people go into orthodontic work with a clear idea of what to expect, and an exciting vision for what they will look like after treatment. For others, the idea of straightening their teeth can be attractive, but uncertainty around orthodontics can make them nervous. Do you have questions about orthodontic treatment? Would you like to learn what to expect if you undergo an adjustment with Invisalign aligners? Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office has helped many patients fix frustrating gaps and overlaps in their teeth with these clear appliances. We can help you understand what to expect from your adjustment, and we can provide guidance on how Invisalign treatment might benefit you.

What Makes Invisalign Different From Other Orthodontic Appliances?

One “clear” difference between Invisalign and metal braces is that Invisalign appliances are difficult to see. Made to be worn discreetly, these aligners can excite adults and teens interested in orthodontic work because they can avoid unwanted attention they might receive while wearing metal braces. You can also be happy to have aligners that you can remove on your own. With the ability to take out aligners at your convenience, you can find that cleaning your teeth and eating can be done without difficulty. This may not be true for people who have metal braces, as they will have to work around their appliances.

How Will Your Invisalign Treatment Be Planned?

Thanks to the iTero digital scanner, we can take digital impressions of your bite and teeth. This allows us to gather the information needed to plan a personalized approach to your treatment with Invisalign. In addition to being more comfortable than the process of creating a manual bite mold, the iTero scanning technology can allow us to show you a “preview” of your smile after your adjustment!

What Should You Expect While Wearing Invisalign Aligners?

With their clear design, and the ease with which they can be removed, Invisalign appliances can make orthodontic work easier than you might anticipate. You can avoid attention in professional or social circumstances, and you will not have to make changes to the way you clean your teeth, or what you eat. Like with metal braces, Invisalign appliances are effective at fixing gaps, overlaps, and other issues with malocclusion, so you can enjoy the cosmetic and oral health benefits of an adjustment.

Our Rochester, MN Dentist’s Office Provides Treatment With Invisalign

At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, patients who are interested in orthodontic work can look forward to care with Invisalign appliances! Your aligners can be difficult to see, but easy to remove and wear, making your experience easier than you might think possible. If you would like to learn more about our practice and our services, call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry at (507) 281-3659.