Month: April 2020

How Much Time Should I Spend Wearing My Aligners Each Day?

While metal braces are affixed to a patient’s teeth for the duration of their orthodontic treatment, Invisalign appliances provide a degree of freedom by being removable. At times when your aligners might be in the way, you can simply take them out. With that said, leaving them off for an extended period of time can… Read more »

What To Expect Before Your Teen Starts Orthodontic Treatment

The prospect of orthodontic work for teenagers or preteens can be both exciting and daunting. While your child can be excited to do something about issues with their smile, they (and you) can have some concerns about their experience with braces. How will they adapt to having an appliance in place? What kind of effect… Read more »

How Long Will It Take To See Results From Orthodontic Work?

At the start of your orthodontic treatment, you can be eager to see how your smile improves. Because our practice uses iTero digital scanning technology to plan your procedure, we can actually show you a “preview” of your appearance after work is completed. Under traditional orthodontic treatment, a patient can wait up to two years… Read more »

Your Dental Alignment Can Affect Your Cavity Risk

While it is fair to say that malocclusion, or poor dental alignment, can be a cosmetic issue, this is not the only problem misalignment can cause. You can experience trouble with your bite because of teeth that overlap or are too far apart, which can lead to chronic pain or stiffness. It is also possible… Read more »

Fixing Misaligned Teeth Can Lead To A Healthier Bite

How concerned should you really be about your bite function? You might not realize it, but the way you bite can affect your rate of dental wear and tear, and it can make you susceptible to painful TMJ problems. Troubles with a person’s bite are often linked to the alignment of their teeth. If you… Read more »