Stop Putting Up With Overlaps And Gaps Between Teeth

It can be hard to feel completely confident in the way you look if you continue to leave certain problems with your smile unaddressed. Gaps, overlaps, and other flaws related to poor dental alignment often make people dissatisfied with the way they look, but they hold off on treatment because they worry about having metal braces put on their teeth. What you should know is that traditional orthodontic appliances are not the only means of improving your smile available to you! At our Rochester, MN dental office, we can talk with you about Invisalign treatment, and help you see how these modern aligners can help you dramatically improve your smile, and boost your overall confidence!

Find Out How You Can Straighten Your Smile Without Metal Braces

While metal braces continue to have a great impact on people’s smiles, and also offer important oral health benefits, you should understand that Invisalign can be an effective alternative for orthodontic work. At an initial appointment, your dentist can talk to you about Invisalign, make sure you are a good candidate, and help you understand what to expect from treatment. Using clear aligners instead of braces can make many people more comfortable with an adjustment, and with the right approach, your correction can take less time than you expect.

We Use Modern Technology To Provide A Better Orthodontic Treatment Experience

Our goal is to make orthodontic treatment a better experience for our patients. Modern technology has helped us improve the process of planning and performing a smile adjustment. With our iTero digital scanner, we can actually make the initial steps of your treatment easier! We use this digital scanner to thoroughly measure and map your oral structures, so you are not required to create a plaster mold of your bite. This can be more comfortable for you, and the digital images we take actually allow us to show you what your correction can do for the way you look!

While clear aligners make the orthodontic treatment experience easier for patients, we understand if you want to have results as soon as possible. We can help you speed up your correction with Propel Orthodontics. Propel shortens treatment times by speeding up the movement of supportive gum and bone tissues that hold teeth in place. When this adjustment moves more quickly, the overall adjustment experience can be safely and effectively reduced.

Ask About Invisalign Treatment For Your Teen!

Adults often turn to Invisalign if they want to fix teeth movement that occurred after past orthodontic treatment, or when they are undergoing an adjustment for the first time. Metal braces are often associated with younger patients, but Invisalign can help your teen fix problems with their smile! Parents are often glad to have this option because their kids can continue to flash their lovely, unobstructed smile in yearbook photos and other important pictures you will want to hold onto over the years.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Invisalign

At Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry, patients who want to make changes to the alignment of their teeth can be excited to learn about the benefits of Invisalign! To schedule a consultation for yourself or a family member, please call (507) 281-3659.