Using Digital Technology To Plan Invisalign Treatment

Before any important project, you should take the time to plan carefully. At our Rochester, MN dental practice, we are committed to providing great care during every step of a patient’s smile adjustment with Invisalign appliances. Because of this, we use our iTero digital scanner when planning your adjustment, and designing your clear braces. This technology eliminates the need to create a physical mold of your bite, and it can produce measurements that are remarkably accurate. Once you begin your adjustment, you can appreciate how your Invisalign aligners can correct the positioning of your teeth without drawing unwanted attention. You can also appreciate how these custom-made appliances stay secure throughout each day.

We Use Our iTero Digital Scanner To Make Treatment Planning Easier

The right appliances are the ones that are personalized for your smile! We use our iTero digital scanner to plan the development of these aligners because we want to be sure the measurements we gather are accurate. Of course, there are additional benefits to this approach. Creating a manual measure of a person’s teeth and oral structures would require them to bite into a plaster material. People tend to find this experience unpleasant, and uncomfortable. Using the iTero digital scanner can be more comfortable, and it allows us to take the gathered information and show you a digital “preview” of your smile after your adjustment is over!

What To Expect When You Begin Your Invisalign Adjustment

For people in professional settings, and teens who are concerned about the impact braces might have on the way they look, Invisalign aligners are a welcome treatment alternative. Instead of having brackets and wires covering teeth, you wear clear plastic aligners that are difficult to see. If you are concerned about how your life with Invisalign might change, you can be happy to know that in addition to being discreet, aligners are easy to remove. You can quickly and simply take them out whenever you are about to eat, or when you need to clean your teeth.

Let Us Know Your Questions About Orthodontic Treatment With Clear Aligners!

Our practice is ready to answer your questions about life during Invisalign treatment, and any questions you have about iTero digital scanning. We have helped many people make corrections to their smile that offer big confidence boosts, as well as better bite function. Your initial appointment can help you understand how orthodontic work can help you, and what to expect once you begin an adjustment.

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry Can Offer Modern Orthodontic Care With Invisalign

At Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry, we are ready to help people in and around the Rochester community who are interested in Invisalign aligners! We can help you enjoy a positive treatment experience at every step of your adjustment, and give you both smile and oral health improvements that are truly exciting. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please call (507) 281-3659.