Have Your Teeth Shifted After Previous Orthodontic Work?

The goal during orthodontic treatment is to make permanent corrections for problems with dental alignment. Unfortunately, patients sometimes notice that after a past adjustment, their teeth seem to be moving back to their earlier positions. If you think your teeth have shifted after earlier orthodontic treatment, you can be reluctant to go through an adjustment with braces a second time. Fortunately, you can see meaningful improvements by straightening your teeth with discreet Invisalign appliances. At our Rochester, MN dental practice, we can arrange orthodontic treatment for you by providing custom aligners to restore the positioning of teeth. By using Invisalign instead of metal braces, you can enjoy treatment that feels less intrusive, and less conspicuous.

Adjusted Teeth May Shift Gradually Over Time

If you have gone through orthodontic work in the past, your teeth may begin shifting back to where they were previously situated. This is a problem that can be controlled with a retainer, but for many people, gradual movement can eventually lead to frustrating changes in the way they look. While this can be frustrating, it does not mean you have lost your improved smlie! Invisalign offers you a chance to reposition teeth without having to go through another period of your life with metal braces.

Discussing Invisalign Treatment To Correct Shifting Teeth

Invisalign appliances are effective at moving teeth into better positions without requiring you to wear a permanent aligner. Instead, you receive a removable sequence of aligners that you can take out at your convenience. When worn, their clear plastic design makes them difficult to notice. Because of this, you will not have to worry about feeling self-conscious in social settings, or in professional environments.

Planning Your Orthodontic Work

At our practice, we take are to provide better experiences for our patients when they are looking into orthodontic care. Instead of requiring you to create a plaster mold of your bite for measurements, we use an iTero digital scanner to measure your teeth and oral structures. This approach makes the planning stage of treatment more comfortable, and it produces remarkably accurate results. With the measurements we take digitally, we can actually show you a preview of what your smile will look like! When you receive your appliances, we can talk to you about follow-up appointments, and offer tips to make your adjustment easier. Because there is no need for manual adjustments on your appliances, you can have fewer follow-up appointments than traditional braces would require.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Orthodontic Work With Invisalign Aligners!

At Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry, we are excited to help patients correct poor dental alignment with Invisalign aligners! These appliances are effective at helping people during an initial orthodontic treatment, as well as those who are looking to correct movement of their teeth after past orthodontic care. To schedule a consultation, please call (507) 281-3659.