Are Teens Eligible For Treatment With Invisalign?

If your teen is showing signs of malocclusion, orthodontic work can be appropriate. With treatment, it is possible for their issues to be corrected so that they can show off a better smile, while also correcting potential issues with their oral health. Because metal braces tend to have a distracting effect on the way they look, teens can be reluctant to start orthodontic treatment with these appliances. Our Rochester, MN dental practice can provide an alternative to these appliances with Invisalign. Your teen can be grateful for treatment with Invisalign, which can straighten their teeth without causing the issues that are often associated with metal braces.

Discussing Orthodontic Treatment For Your Teen

During pediatric dental visits, a child’s development is monitored over time, and developmental problems like malocclusion can be recognized and addressed. At the appropriate time, you can discuss having their teeth straightened. In many cases, Invisalign clear braces can be approved for teen patients. With Invisalign, they will rely on a series of oral appliances that are designed to go undetected. Over time, each appliance will gradually bring their teeth closer to their correct positions, ending with their teeth straightened.

Enjoy The Advantages Of Treatment With Invisalign

Invisalign appliances are custom-made for each patient. We use an iTero digital scanner to design these appliances in order to fit a person’s teeth, and make them progressively straighter. This digital technology makes it possible to show your teen a preview of their smile after an adjustment is completed.

When your teen wears Invisalign aligners, they can feel better knowing that these appliances are not going to draw undesired attention. Having your teen wear Invisalign means their yearbook photos and other important pictures show off their smile, not a set of braces. They can also remove them whenever they need to clean their teeth, or when they eat.

Orthodontic Treatment Can Help More Than Just Your Teen’s Smile

Treating orthodontic problems can do more than just make a person feel better about the way that they look. When a person’s teeth are straightened, they can have an easier time biting and chewing – unaddressed issues with poor alignment can lead to jaw stress that causes chronic discomfort. Straightening a person’s teeth can also make it easier for them to clean their teeth, as misaligned teeth can sometimes make it difficult to clean all of the surfaces.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Invisalign Treatment For Your Teen

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