Month: October 2019

Have Your Teeth Shifted After Previous Orthodontic Work?

The goal during orthodontic treatment is to make permanent corrections for problems with dental alignment. Unfortunately, patients sometimes notice that after a past adjustment, their teeth seem to be moving back to their earlier positions. If you think your teeth have shifted after earlier orthodontic treatment, you can be reluctant to go through an adjustment… Read more »

Wearing Clear Aligners In A Corporate Setting

While many people have orthodontic work as a teenager, or just before the teenage years, others may not have their teeth straightened until they reach adulthood. If you have never had work done to correct poor dental alignment, or if you are someone who has seen their teeth shift after past work, you may feel… Read more »

Oral Health Challenges That Poor Dental Alignment Can Cause

If you have problems with the alignment of your teeth, you can struggle to feel comfortable with your smile. Conspicuous spaces and awkward overlaps can be distracting, give you an asymmetrical appearance, and interfere with your overall confidence. Because poor dental alignment can affect the a person’s self-image, patients who look into orthodontic work often… Read more »

Are Teens Eligible For Treatment With Invisalign?

If your teen is showing signs of malocclusion, orthodontic work can be appropriate. With treatment, it is possible for their issues to be corrected so that they can show off a better smile, while also correcting potential issues with their oral health. Because metal braces tend to have a distracting effect on the way they… Read more »

Using Digital Technology To Plan Invisalign Treatment

Before any important project, you should take the time to plan carefully. At our Rochester, MN dental practice, we are committed to providing great care during every step of a patient’s smile adjustment with Invisalign appliances. Because of this, we use our iTero digital scanner when planning your adjustment, and designing your clear braces. This… Read more »