Month: September 2019

Finding The Right Time To Start Invisalign Treatment

Many people find it hard to take on something new – even if it is important – when they have a busy schedule. If you want to finally take care of frustrating problems with poor dental alignment, you may be concerned about fitting this task into your life. You can also be concerned about how… Read more »

Beginning Your Invisalign Treatment: What To Expect

Beginning something new can be exciting, but a little nerve-racking. You can be particularly curious about an experience that will affect your smile. Our Rochester, MN dental office is prepared to help patients who have concerns about poor dental alignment – instead of using metal braces, we can offer treatment with Invisalign. When you start… Read more »

Making Your Orthodontic Treatment Experience More Pleasant

While anyone who is eager to straighten their teeth can feel excited about the results of orthodontic work, the idea of wearing metal braces can make some people uneasy. For teenagers in need of orthodontic adjustment, metal braces can feel embarrassing, and they can be less than excited by the idea of having yearbook and… Read more »

Straighten Your Smile Without Relying On Metal Braces

If you think metal braces are the only appliance capable of fixing your alignment flaws, you may be less excited to see orthodontic improvements. While bracket-and-wire braces can lead to some impressive smile corrections, people sometimes worry about what their daily life will be like when they are in place. At our Rochester, MN dental… Read more »