Month: August 2019

Straightened Teeth Can Make You More Confident In Your Smile

The ability to smile with confidence can help you in social and professional situations. After all, your smile is one of your most prominent features, and it can have a real impact on how you are perceived by others. Unfortunately, many people are uncomfortable with the way they look when they smile because of poor… Read more »

Unsure About Invisalign? We Can Answer Your Questions

The benefits to straightening your teeth with Invisalign can appeal to many patients. After all, this is a solution to poor dental alignment that will not require a conspicuous appliance, and you will be able to take off your Invisalign aligners when they might be in the way. With that said, people can still be… Read more »

Starting Your Teen’s Orthodontic Treatment Using Invisalign

As your child grows up, you can make sure their oral health needs are being addressed by bringing them to pediatric dental appointments. In addition to offering routine dental services, pediatric appointments provide the opportunity for your dentist to monitor the development of your child’s oral structures. Because of this, you can be well aware… Read more »

Invisalign Offers A Discreet Solution For A Smile Gap

Every time you check your smile in the mirror, you have a natural urge to examine a frustrating smile gap. Your gap may be a lifelong companion, or it could be a recent return due to your teeth shifting after earlier orthodontic treatment. At our Rochester, MN dental practice, we are aware that a smile… Read more »