How Is Propel Able To Shorten My Orthodontic Treatment Time?

Invisalign is able to make your experience with orthodontic treatment easier to keep discreet, and easier to fit into your daily routine. Of course, even if your procedure is more pleasant than you might expect, you can be eager to finish your adjustment. After all, once you are complete with treatment, you can show off great smile improvements, and feel a new degree of confidence in the way you look. Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office can actually help you show off results in less time thanks to Propel Orthodontic technology. With Propel, your adjustment can move more swiftly, allowing you to finish in as little as one year!

Using Propel Orthodontic Technology During Your Treatment

When you use Propel Orthodontic Technology during treatment, you can speed up the movement of periodontal tissues, and your jawbone structure. The adjustment of these tissues is necessary to ensure a successful adjustment. If they are not shifted with your teeth, your results can be short-lived.

Enjoying A Modern Approach To Orthodontic Treatment

Our practice is proud to deliver a better orthodontic treatment experience to individuals who are ready to show off cosmetic improvements. Our commitment to a better patient experience actually begins with the planning period, as we use an iTero digital scanner to measure your teeth, and plan your adjustment. At the end of that review, you can actually see a “preview” of your smile the way it will look once your time with Invisalign aligners is up!

What Other Benefits Can I Count On From Orthodontic Work With Invisalign?

Simply put, it will be easier for you to go about your daily life with Invisalign than with traditional fixed orthodontic appliances. Those appliances can make meals more frustrating, and also limit your ability to carefully clean your teeth. Your Invisalign aligners are easy for you to take out, so you can simply remove them at times when they might be in your way. You can also be glad to rely on an appliance that is difficult for others to see. The discreet appearance of these aligners makes them popular with teens in need of orthodontic adjustment, and those who work in professional environments.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Orthodontic Treatment Featuring Propel

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry is ready to help you take on frustrating orthodontic issues with Invisalign! Because we provide patients with Propel Orthodontics, we can actually ensure you see results with less delay! This is one of many modern services we provide to people in and around Rochester, MN who want to show off their best smile. To schedule a consultation, or to learn more about the orthodontic and dental services we can provide you with, please call (507) 281-3659.