Have You Been Holding Onto Questions About Invisalign?

While Invisalign can seem intriguing, you may have questions about it as a means of correcting your smile. How effective can these appliances really be at straightening your teeth? How long will the process take? Are they really as discreet as you hope? You can bring your questions about Invisalign treatment to your Rochester, MN dentist’s office. By learning more about this orthodontic treatment option, you can see how it can open you up to the benefits of a straighter smile without the issues that make people nervous about braces. You can also learn how we provide modern treatment advantages that can make your procedure easier to plan, and shorter than you might expect!

Learning About The Benefits Of Orthodontic Care

Orthodontic care is about more than just showing off a smile that looks better because it is no longer affected by gaps and overlaps. You can certainly be impressed with how much better your smile looks, but there are oral health improvements that you should know about. For instance, it can be easier for you to fight cavities when you have your teeth straightened, as you can have an easier time reaching formerly hard-to-access spaces between overlapping teeth. You can also improve your bite function, which lowers your risk for TMJ dysfunction.

How The Invisalign Experience Can Differ From Traditional Orthodontic Work

Simply put, Invisalign allows you to see orthodontic improvements without those conspicuous metal braces. Instead of using a system based on brackets and wires, you will rely on a series of clear aligners. This offers a more discreet adjustment experience, which can make this a great route to a better smile for people worried about maintaining a professional appearance. It can also be ideal for teens interested in orthodontic work, as you will have class photos that always show off their wonderful, unobstructed smile. Invisalign also offers benefits to your daily life because they can be removed easily, so they are never in the way when you eat, or when you clean your teeth.

What To Expect Before And After Your Adjustment

Your experience before starting your treatment can be surprisingly pleasant. If you are familiar with past approaches to orthodontic care, you can be aware of what was required when a patient created a physical mold of their teeth. Instead of biting into an unpleasant plaster material, your dentist uses an iTero digital scanner to create impressions of your smile. This means the visit before starting your adjustment is decidedly more pleasant. As far as what to expect after your treatment, you can look forward to showing off a fantastic smile!

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