Month: May 2019

Is It Time To Look Into Orthodontic Work For Your Teen?

While the teenage years have long been the period when many people have orthodontic work done, the type of orthodontic care available has changed considerably over time. If you want to provide your teen with a modern type of orthodontic work, you can talk with your Rochester, MN dentist’s office about Invisalign! By choosing Invisalign… Read more »

Have You Been Holding Onto Questions About Invisalign?

While Invisalign can seem intriguing, you may have questions about it as a means of correcting your smile. How effective can these appliances really be at straightening your teeth? How long will the process take? Are they really as discreet as you hope? You can bring your questions about Invisalign treatment to your Rochester, MN… Read more »

Using Invisalign Aligners To Help Younger Patients

While young people, particularly teenagers, commonly undergo orthodontic treatment, your teen may be uncomfortable with the idea of traditional braces. Their appearance can be unflattering, and they can feel intrusive because they make eating and practicing oral care more difficult. You can speak with your Rochester, MN dentist’s office about having your teen’s teeth adjusted… Read more »

How Is Propel Able To Shorten My Orthodontic Treatment Time?

Invisalign is able to make your experience with orthodontic treatment easier to keep discreet, and easier to fit into your daily routine. Of course, even if your procedure is more pleasant than you might expect, you can be eager to finish your adjustment. After all, once you are complete with treatment, you can show off… Read more »

Invisalign And The Workplace – What You Can Expect

One of the issues that makes adults hesitant to explore their options for orthodontic work is a fear that with metal braces in place, they will look less professional. Unfortunately, this can cause people to miss out on the important benefits of straightened teeth, and it can keep them from learning about viable alternative appliances…. Read more »