Month: April 2019

Invisalign Can Ease Your Concerns About Orthodontic Work

For many people, orthodontic work can offer impressive smile improvements, but the idea of braces can keep them from looking into an adjustment. For people who work in professional settings, teenagers who are worried about the look of metal braces, and others, traditional orthodontic work can seem off-putting. If you have found yourself reluctant to… Read more »

Using Digital Measurements To Craft Your Custom Aligners

An accurate measurement of your teeth is needed to plan your Invisalign treatment, as this information is needed to ensure your custom aligners are the proper fit. To make sure the details of your measurement are highly precise, your Rochester, MN dentist will take those measurements digitally. The iTero digital scanner in our office can… Read more »

What Can I Do If I Want To Shorten My Orthodontic Treatment?

Thanks to Invisalign, your experience with orthodontic work can be more pleasant, and easier to fit into your typical routine. These modern appliances are easy to remove, and they allow your adjustment to go unnoticed by others. Of course, you can still appreciate a shorter treatment time, even if your experience with orthodontic work is… Read more »

Treating Your Teen’s Orthodontic Troubles With Invisalign

Your teenager has many meaningful moments to look forward to as they grow up, and those moments will come with plenty of photo opportunities. Because people often have orthodontic work done during their teen years, they often wind up with plenty of pictures while sporting conspicuous metal braces. Obviously, you want your child to feel… Read more »