What Does It Take To Plan An Invisalign Treatment?

What is currently standing between you, and a straightened smile? People who have questions about orthodontic work can feel excitement, but also some hesitation about starting the process of correcting alignment issues. This is because they worry about the adjustment to…well, their adjustment. Because your Rochester, MN dentist’s office provides Invisalign treatment, you can enjoy a better experience with orthodontic work. That improved experience can start with the beginning of your treatment, as your aligners are designed based on advanced iTero digital scans of your smile. This can be a more comfortable means of taking the measurement of your teeth, and it can lead to remarkably detailed information!

Using Advanced Imaging Technology To Make Sure Your Aligners Are An Ideal Fit

Your aligners need to be precisely planned and designed to fit your teeth properly, and to help make the more accurate adjustments possible. Your dentist uses an iTero digital scanner to thoroughly review your upper and lower rows of teeth. With the information gathered from this experience, your custom aligners can be designed. One special perk of using digital scanners is that your dentist can actually take the information and show you a preview of what your smile will look like after you are done with your correction.

Preparing For Life With Your Aligners

You may have questions or concerns about how easy it is to work clear aligners into your life. What you can be happy to hear is that your experience with Invisalign can have surprisingly little impact on your routine, or your habits. Adults and teenagers who want Invisalign can be excited to know that their appearance will not be noticeably changed by conspicuous braces. They can also be glad to see how easy it is to remove these appliances when it is time to eat, or brush their teeth.

Invisalign Treatment Can Provide More Than Just A Better Smile

Invisalign treatment can have a remarkable effect on your smile, but there are more advantages to orthodontic work than just the cosmetic change. You can straighten your teeth to correct issues with your bite. Untreated problems with bite alignment leave people susceptible to TMJ disorder, and they can lead to excessive wear and tear on teeth. You can also straighten teeth that currently overlap, and block portions of those teeth. This arrangement often leaves people frustrated because they have a harder time fully protecting themselves against tooth decay.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Invisalign Treatment

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