Month: March 2019

How Your Dentist Plans Your Custom Aligners

While you can be excited about the convenience of using Invisalign aligners, and how hard they are to notice, you can have some questions about how they help. Are you really just moving from one appliance to the next? How does your Rochester, MN dentist make sure your aligners are up to the task of… Read more »

Modern Orthodontic Treatment Offers Amazing Smile Changes

You can see something exciting when you plan your Invisalign treatment at your Rochester, MN dentist’s office. After scanning your smile with an iTero digital scanner, your dentist can show you a digital “preview” of your straightened smile. That glimpse can show you just how much you stand to gain from having your teeth straightened… Read more »

Your Experience With Aligners On A Daily Basis

There is nothing wrong with looking forward to your life after you finish orthodontic treatment. After all, you will conclude your adjustment with an improved smile, which is certainly worth some excitement. You can even see a preview of those changes, as your Rochester, MN dentist can use the iTero digital scanner to see how… Read more »

What Does It Take To Plan An Invisalign Treatment?

What is currently standing between you, and a straightened smile? People who have questions about orthodontic work can feel excitement, but also some hesitation about starting the process of correcting alignment issues. This is because they worry about the adjustment to…well, their adjustment. Because your Rochester, MN dentist’s office provides Invisalign treatment, you can enjoy… Read more »