Month: February 2019

Find Out If You Qualify For Invisalign Treatment

For people who feel nervous about life with traditional braces, Invisalign aligners can be decidedly appealing. You can avoid problems with metal braces that draw undesired attention because of their conspicuous appearance. You can also find that having removable aligners is more appealing to you. Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office has helped many people interested… Read more »

Fixing Crooked Teeth Can Lead To Amazing Smile Benefits

If you are bothered by the look of your smile, it can be helpful to remember that your dentist is ready to help with more than just oral health troubles. You can also discuss procedures that deliver great improvements for your smile, as your Rochester, MN dentist is able to offer many services that can… Read more »

The Convenience Of A Removable Orthodontic Appliance

If your teeth have shifted after past experience with orthodontic work, you may worry that fixing the problem will require more time with fixed metal braces. Even if you have never had this experience, you can feel some pangs of unease about what life will be like with this traditional orthodontic appliance. Your time during… Read more »

Can Invisalign Be A Better Orthodontic Experience For Teens?

Teenagers can be preoccupied by many different matters – schoolwork, extracurricular activities, dating, and more. One common worry among teenagers is how they look. People sometimes feel uncomfortable with a planned orthodontic treatment because they worry over how metal braces might make them look juvenile, or interfere with their typical smile. For image-conscious patients, Invisalign… Read more »