Providing You A Custom Invisalign Experience

Your excitement or anxiety over the idea of orthodontic work can be shaped on assumptions about your treatment. You may worry that your appearance will be compromised by your appliance in a way that feels upsetting. You could also be concerned about discomfort, or an aligner that feels wrong for you. What you should know is that your Rochester, MN dentist’s office can welcome you to discuss a better orthodontic experience with Invisalign. Advanced technology is used to plan your set of custom aligners. During your adjustment, you can be happy to see how easy it is for your Invisalign aligners to go unnoticed thanks to their clear design.

Using Advanced Imaging Technology To Plan Your Custom Aligners

Your orthodontic treatment will be planned with advanced digital imaging tools. To determine what you need from your Invisalign aligners, your dentist will use an iTero digital scanner to closely study your smile. The digital images created can be used instead of a plaster mold, meaning your experience can be more comfortable. When your dentist has all the necessary data from your scan, they can actually show you a digital preview of how your smile will look after treatment.

Using Your Aligners To Steadily Improve Your Smile

Throughout your Invisalign treatment, you can be excited to find out how your aligners can avoid detection by others. The clear plastic material used to make them can be hard to see, meaning you can wear them with confidence even when you are engaged in social or professional activities. You can also find that they are more accommodating than traditional braces because they can be removed, so you can eat and clean your teeth without potential interference. While your dentist can check in with you to see how your treatment is progressing, Invisalign will not require the kind of uncomfortable manual adjustments that traditional braces demand.

Should You Ask Your Dentist About Propel Orthodontic Technology?

If you are concerned about the time it will take to complete your adjustment, you can ask your dentist about using Propel Orthodontic technology. With Propel, your treatment time can be reduced, so your experience is shorter. When you include Propel, you can speed up the process of necessary shifting of bone and periodontal tissues, which means your lasting improvements will be ready sooner.

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry Can Help You Enjoy A Quality Experience With Invisalign

If you are interested in a quality experience with orthodontic care, you can talk to Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry about Invsalign! Your aligners will be custom-made just for you, and will help you fix frustrating problems with your dental alignment. You can also look forward to quality care during, and after, your orthodontic work from our Rochester, MN dental office. To schedule a consultation, please call (507) 281-3659.