Month: January 2019

3 Reasons To Stop Putting Off Orthodontic Work

Why would you want to delay something that can improve your smile, and your oral health? With orthodontic treatment, you can fix frustrating problems that impact your appearance, while also lowering your risk for problems like TMJ dysfunction, tooth decay, and gum disease. Unfortunately, people in professional work environments and image-sensitive teenagers can be hesitant… Read more »

Providing You A Custom Invisalign Experience

Your excitement or anxiety over the idea of orthodontic work can be shaped on assumptions about your treatment. You may worry that your appearance will be compromised by your appliance in a way that feels upsetting. You could also be concerned about discomfort, or an aligner that feels wrong for you. What you should know… Read more »

The Benefit Of Discreet Orthodontic Work For Professionals

Looking your best at work can be important under normal circumstances. On important dates – for instance, on the day of a major meeting, or an interview for a new opportunity – you can be especially concerned with your appearance, and the impression it gives. Because of this, the idea of orthodontic work can be… Read more »

Straightening Your Teeth To Improve Your Oral Health

If you straighten your teeth, and fix frustrating problems like smile gaps, or awkward overlaps, you can improve your smile. For many people, the cosmetic benefits of orthodontic work drive their decision to look into the matter. What you might not expect is that correcting problems with crooked teeth can have benefits that also impact… Read more »

Why We Use Digital Images To Plan Invisalign Treatments

Advancements in dental care can lead to better, more comfortable experiences for patients. Sometimes, changes in dental technology can lead to benefits you may not anticipate. When it comes to providing orthodontic care, Invisalign allows patients to enjoy the advantages of a straightened smile without the demands of fixed metal braces, which can interfere with… Read more »