Tips For Invisalign Users During The Holidays

How will your orthodontic treatment affect your holiday experience? When people think about life with traditional braces, they can face concerns over what they can eat, and whether they can enjoy their favorite holiday treats without issue. Fortunately, Invisalign users have the ability to remove their aligners when they eat. Because of this, you can feel comfortable snacking on various treats…though you should remember that too much sugar poses a problem for teeth at all times. One thing you should keep in mind is that your aligners can be difficult to notice, so you can wear them without feeling concerned over their potential impact on your teeth.

The Trouble With Leaving Your Invisalign Aligners Off For Too Long

If you are tempted to leave your Invisalign aligners behind during a holiday gathering, or a short trip to see family, you can interfere with your adjustment time. You can remove these appliances at appropriate times – in fact, you can take them out whenever you need to eat, or when you are cleaning your teeth. With that said, going without them for extended periods of time may lead to delays in your progress. Fortunately, you can count on Invisalign appliances to go undetected, so you can smile for family photos and interact with people without concern over how you look.

You Can Feel More Confident At Social Gatherings With A Discreet Orthodontic Appliance

Invisalign aligners are popular for teenagers, business professionals, and anyone who generally wants to look their best in social settings. You can keep them in place while you go out, as their clear design keeps them discreet. You can also look forward to fewer visits to your dentist during your treatment, as there are no manual adjustments required like with metal braces. That means you have more room on your schedule for everything else that is happening in your life!

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