Month: November 2018

Shortening Your Orthodontic Treatment Time

Because Invisalign aligners offer advantages that conventional metal braces are unable to match, you can be more comfortable throughout your treatment time. You can avoid concerns about the impact of your appliance on how you look, and you can take out Invisalign aligners when they would interfere with meals, and cleaning your teeth. With that… Read more »

Using Invisalign To Close Smile Gaps

The gaps created by smile alignment problems can leave tooth with more room to move, and potentially loosen. They can also make you uncomfortable, as they can have a negative effect on your appearance. Fortunately, you can discreetly close these gaps, and fix other issues related to crooked teeth, by seeing your Rochester, MN dentist’s… Read more »

Will Your Orthodontic Appliance Ruin Thanksgiving Dinner?

Many people eagerly anticipate the moment they can sit down at the table and enjoy their Thanksgiving feast. You can picture a plate packed with turkey, and weighed down by all of your favorite sides. However, if you need to start orthodontic treatment, you may worry that the appliance you are provided could make that… Read more »

Invisalign Aligners Can Help You Transform Your Smile

Poor dental alignment can cause more trouble than you might expect. While this problem can create obvious issues with your appearance, you can also be vulnerable to issues like bite misalignment, and a higher cavity risk. If you are interested in making corrections, but worry about the experience provided by metal braces, you may be… Read more »