Talking To Your Teen About Invisalign Treatment

Your teen might be ready to have orthodontic work, but they can be less excited to think about life with metal braces. Traditional bracket and wire braces have helped many people fix problems with poor dental alignment, but they can feel off-putting because they can dominate your appearance, and because they are permanently in place. While teens are not the only patients who might feel reluctant to wear braces because of the way they look – people in business settings may worry they look less professional – but that image concern can make them uneasy. With an Invisalign treatment provided by your Rochester, MN dentist’s office, your teen can have the benefits of orthodontic work, while avoiding metal braces. Knowing they have this option can make them more open to starting corrective work.

Invisalign Can Offer An Attractive Alternative To Metal Braces

Invisalign can provide patients with hard-to-see, easy to manage appliances to correct their alignment issues. You may have some concerns – after all, your teen will need to do their part by consistently wearing their aligners to see results. With that said, they can be happy to know that their orthodontic correction is not going to affect their appearance in pictures, and during social outings. You can also be glad to know that because Invisalign avoids any need for manual adjustments, there will be fewer check-in appointments than if they had metal braces.

Orthodontic Work Should Be Looked At As More Than Just A Cosmetic Procedure

Orthodontic work can do more for a patient than just improve the way they look when they smile. When a person has crooked teeth, it may lead to problems with their bite, which can lead to problems with TMJ dysfunction. Poorly aligned teeth also cause a potential problem for patients because they can be harder to keep cavity-free. By undergoing corrective work, your teen can go on to enjoy better oral health, in addition to feeling great about how they look when they smile.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Invisalign

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