How Can I Shorten My Invisalign Treatment Time?

The prospect of correcting smile flaws with Invisalign can be an exciting one. During treatment, you will have clear aligners, which can be less intrusive than braces, and difficult to see when you wear them. After your treatment concludes, you can show off impressive smile improvements, and enjoy oral health benefits that come with making orthodontic corrections. It is only natural that a person’s excitement might make them anxious to finish their treatment – fortunately, Propel Orthodontic technology can help. By using Propel, your dentist can reduce your treatment time, to the point where it can effectively be cut in half! This is one of the many advantages you can enjoy when you seek out orthodontic care from an Invisalign Premier Provider.

The Advantages Of Modern Orthodontic Technology

Seeking out modern orthodontic care with Invisalign can give you a better treatment experience, and it can lead to fantastic results. The benefits start with your first appointment. During the planning stage of your Invisalign treatment, your teeth will be recorded with a digital impression made with an iTero digital scanner. That scan can yield advanced results. It can also enable your dentist to show you a digital preview of your smile after your treatment is completed.

As your teeth move to their proper positions, accompanying changes must take place with your jawbone structure, and your periodontal tissues. Propel Orthodontic technology can safely speed up this process, which is how your treatment time can be reduced. You can finish with your aligners in as little as one year!

What You Can Expect After Your Invisalign Treatment Is Completed

After you complete your Invisalign treatment, you can be excited by how your smile is changed. Our practice is currently offering a great patient special that provides you with a complimentary teeth whitening treatment after your adjustment. Following your orthodontic adjustment with a whitening procedure can help you make truly remarkable changes to how you look!

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