Can An Invisalign Treatment Improve My Oral Health?

You may focus on how Invisalign can help you improve your smile, but there are more benefits than just an improved appearance awaiting you when you adjust crooked teeth. Of course, there is nothing wrong with feeling excitement over how much of a change you can make to how you look. When people use Invisalign to correct for alignment and spacing concerns, they can see how orthodontic care can transform their smile. In fact, your dentist can use the digital impressions taken by the iTero digital scanner to show you how your smile will look when you complete your treatment! Still, Invisalign can do more than just make you feel more confident, and look more attractive when you smile. By correcting for alignment issues, you can improve your dental health by reducing your risk for several problems.

Crooked Teeth Can Create Problems For Your Dental Health

It can be easy to see how overlapping or improperly spaced teeth might hurt the way you look. What you might not have considered is how these problems can affect your bite alignment. People with poor bite alignment face a greater risk for developing TMJ problems, which can lead to daily pain. This can also cause you to have problems with excessive wear and tear on teeth.

When you have teeth that overlap, they can be harder to fully clean because these areas of intersection can seem inaccessible. When oral bacteria gather in these spaces, you are likely to face cavity troubles, and potential problems with gum disease.

Your Experience With Invisalign

Using Invisalign to straighten your smile means enjoying an orthodontic treatment that is less intrusive, as well as less conspicuous. You can have your aligners in place without drawing attention, as their clear plastic design makes it difficult for them to be seen. Your removable aligners will not obstruct your eating, or your efforts to clean your teeth.

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