Asking Questions Before Your Teen Starts Invisalign

Your teen can be excited about the outcome of orthodontic work – after all, who wouldn’t be excited to show off a better smile? However, when it comes to the procedure itself, they may be nervous about spending time with metal braces. Traditional bracket and wire braces can look awkward, and they can feel intrusive whenever you try to clean your teeth, or when eating certain foods. Using Invisalign to treat your teen’s dental alignment concerns can offer them an orthodontic solution that avoids interfering with their smile, and their life. You can have questions based around how your Rochester, MN dentist can use Invisalign to help your child, but you should know that many teens have had great success with this procedure.

Questions To Ask Before Beginning Treatment

Your main concern can be with whether Invisalign is able to deliver the kind of orthodontic adjustment your teen needs. While teenagers can be caught up with ideas about the discomfort and awkwardness of braces, your focus can be more about the outcome than the process. Your dentist can examine their smile, and let you know how Invisalign can help them. In many cases, Invisalign will deliver excellent results, and your teen can benefit from the cosmetic and oral health benefits that come with correcting misaligned teeth.

What To Expect During Invisalign Treatment

The Invisalign treatment experience offers modern care, and a less intrusive approach to fixing concerns with poor dental alignment. At the initial appointment, your dentist will use an iTero digital scanner to take detailed images of your teen’s smile. During their treatment, they will have a sequence of aligners to wear, which they can remove on their own. While follow-up appointments are required, to examine the progress being made, Invisalign requires fewer check-ins than traditional braces. This is because traditional braces require manual adjustments during treatment.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Starting Invisalign Treatment For Your Teen

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