Month: June 2018

Asking Questions Before Your Teen Starts Invisalign

Your teen can be excited about the outcome of orthodontic work – after all, who wouldn’t be excited to show off a better smile? However, when it comes to the procedure itself, they may be nervous about spending time with metal braces. Traditional bracket and wire braces can look awkward, and they can feel intrusive… Read more »

Barbara’s Invisalign Journey – Completing Her Treatment

Barbara, our patient coordinator, is happy to show off the remarkable improvements her Invisalign treatment made for her smile! Her clear aligners allowed her to discreetly adjust her teeth, and fix irritating problems with poor dental alignment. While she was undergoing  Invisalign treatment, she could have her aligner in place without attracting unwanted attention. Now… Read more »

Can An Invisalign Treatment Improve My Oral Health?

You may focus on how Invisalign can help you improve your smile, but there are more benefits than just an improved appearance awaiting you when you adjust crooked teeth. Of course, there is nothing wrong with feeling excitement over how much of a change you can make to how you look. When people use Invisalign… Read more »

How Can I Shorten My Invisalign Treatment Time?

The prospect of correcting smile flaws with Invisalign can be an exciting one. During treatment, you will have clear aligners, which can be less intrusive than braces, and difficult to see when you wear them. After your treatment concludes, you can show off impressive smile improvements, and enjoy oral health benefits that come with making… Read more »