Asking Questions Before You Start Invisalign Treatment

Before you arrange a consultation to discuss Invisalign with your dentist, you may have some questions, or concerns. Your immediate questions may have to do with whether you will be approved for this approach to orthodontic work. However, you may have additional concerns about how your treatment will be planned, how long it will take, and what you should expect from the experience. Because different people have different levels of alignment trouble, treatments can vary. With that said, you can look forward to excellent care, which will include a modern approach to planning and designing your aligners. You can also find out more about how your dentist can help shorten your procedure time. Since you have access to an Invisalign Premier Provider, you can benefit from our considerable experience, and count on superior care.

Finding Out What To Expect When Your Treatment Begins

Your dentist can break down what you should expect from your treatment in terms of navigating your Invisalign experience. One benefit you can look forward to is having your aligners designed based on digital impressions of your teeth. Rather than asking you to bite into an unpleasant plaster mold, your dentist will use an iTero digital scanner to create a digital impression. This can be more comfortable, and create a highly accurate measure of your smile. Your dentist can even use it to give you a “preview” of how your smile will look after your adjustment!

Your Life After Invisalign Treatment

When you complete an Invisalign treatment, you can look forward to an amazing cosmetic change to your smile. What you should also know is that there are great benefits for your oral health, too. One reason people often struggle with the pain and discomfort of TMJ dysfunction is that their jaw joints are strained by an uneven bite. Your corrected alignment can fix your bite issues, and bring you relief.

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry Can Offer Excellent Orthodontic Care With Invisalign

Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry can provide patients with a fantastic experience when they use Invisalign to correct their dental alignment flaws. To schedule a consultation, please call (507) 281-3659. Dr. Gilly Calcagno and our staff welcome and serve patients from Rochester, MN, as well as Red Wing, St. Charles, Winona, Farmington, Austin, and all surrounding communities.