Month: May 2018

Making Invisalign Part Of Your Plans To Improve Your Smile

When you think about improving your smile, what changes do you consider? You may worry about the color of your smile, or feel like you need to do something about physical damage. If you are like many people, you may have noticed how poor dental alignment has hurt your appearance. If you are ready to… Read more »

Asking Questions Before You Start Invisalign Treatment

Before you arrange a consultation to discuss Invisalign with your dentist, you may have some questions, or concerns. Your immediate questions may have to do with whether you will be approved for this approach to orthodontic work. However, you may have additional concerns about how your treatment will be planned, how long it will take,… Read more »

How Digital Imaging Helps Us Plan Your Invisalign Treatment

Why should you have any interest in how your dentist plans your Invisalign treatment? As long as you have your aligners, and they fit, do you need to concern yourself with anything else? Thanks to iTero digital scanners, your dentist can develop a highly detailed impression of your teeth without creating an uncomfortable physical mold,… Read more »

Barbara’s Invisalign Journey Is Leading To Big Smile Changes

How is our patient coordinator, Barbara, doing with her Invisalign treatment? She has recently moved on to her twentieth aligner, and she may be entering the final stages of treatment soon! Even as she continues treatment, the changes to her smile are evident, and her patient reviews have been positive! As an Invisalign Premier Provider,… Read more »

Enjoy A FREE Teeth Whitening With Your Invisalign Treatment

Orthodontic work can help you avoid several oral health issues. When you have your teeth straightened, you can correct problems that result from a misaligned bite, and you can have an easier time defending yourself against cavities and gum disease. Invisalign treatment can provide you with these advantages, while also helping you make amazing cosmetic… Read more »